Episode 4: Coaching Sports And Mastering Coffee

Episode 4: Coaching Sports and Mastering Coffee

  • February 14, 2017

Starbucks' SVP of Channel Development, Glenn Hartman, has built a successful career in leadership—from a 25-year stint at P&G where he led 3,000 people to his current role at Starbucks. But the force behind his impressive credentials is a passion for helping others reach their full potential. Known as “Coach Glenn” by his friends and coworkers, he applies a lifelong love of sports—both as a student-athlete at Yale and a coach of football, baseball, and soccer—to his unique leadership approach.

His investment in Starbucks partners (employees) translates to their customer relationships, also. Glenn says that “all great customer experiences begin with creating a great employee experience.” He talks to host Chad Quinn, Ecosystems’ President and Founder, about his life mantra to “live, love, and leave a legacy,” his experience meeting farmers in Costa Rica, and his journey to becoming a Starbucks Coffee Master.

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Episode 3: Maslow’s Hierarchy And Elements Of Value

Episode 3: Maslow’s Hierarchy and Elements of Value

  • October 20, 2016

Partner at Bain & Company, Eric Almquist, shares his research published in Harvard Business Review, "The 30 Elements of Customer Value." Almquist's research hypotheses originated when he noticed a trend: companies were delivering many aspects of value---beyond financial value---that were critically important to customers. Borrowing from Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Almquist structures elements of value in a pyramid, from "functional" elements all the way to "social impact" elements. Companies with multiple elements of value have greater customer loyalty and grow revenue at a faster rate than companies with just one element of value, according to this research. From his passion for photography and Leica cameras, to his research on the value of Amazon, BMW, and British Airways, Almquist shares what it means for companies to move beyond financial value with the lens of holistic value.

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Episode 2: Meet Your New Customer

Episode 2: Meet Your New Customer

  • March 3, 2016

Forrester's Principal Analyst in B2B Marketing, Mary Shea, discusses how The Age of the Customer is affecting sellers and marketers.  Prior to her career in sales and marketing, Shea received her Ph.D. in musicology and ethnomusicology from Kent State University and traveled globally for oboe performance. At Forrester, she now focuses on sales enablement strategies and changes in the evolving buyer and seller journey. Shea is a professor of marketing at The University of Chicago and speaks regularly on business topics.

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Episode 1: Rise Of The Value Broker

Episode 1: Rise of the Value Broker

  • August 10, 2015

CIO of Accenture, Andrew Wilson, leads the global IT operations of a $32.9 billion company. After a series of roundtable events with IT executives, he and Voice of Value host Chad Quinn sat down to discuss an insight from conversations with over 100 executives in IT: the rise of the value broker. Wilson shares what it means to be a broker of value between the business and IT organizations, and how the CIO and other IT leaders can step into this new role.

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