Location: McLean, VA
Type: Full Time
Experience: 1-3 years of experience

You’re a strategic, creative thinker who loves to connect dots between various people in your network. You like to solve problems and understand how one person could help another.  You enjoy developing strategies to increase engagement with business executives through LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social platforms. You have a knack for all types of communication—whether it’s a phone call, email, tweet, comment on a blog post, or a handwritten note. You like to learn and constantly look for new ways to achieve your goals.

Role Description: Digital Marketing Associate

As a Digital Marketing Associate, you will:

  • Investigate how we can help others. You will research the latest challenges that companies face and determine how we can help solve those problems.
  • Develop strategic communication plans. You will work to understand diverse audiences, and develop an organized and creative strategy for communication.
  • Engage our current customers. You will build our current relationships through conversations with our customers. The possibilities are endless: you can share a relevant news article, suggest a helpful podcast, or send a handwritten thank you note.
  • Build your professional communication and business strategy skills, all while owning the critical front-line of our business development activity.
  • Respond to inbound requests from prospects, clients, or community members.
  • Form connections with prospective customers to create new business opportunities. You will use targeted communication to secure meetings with top-level executives and Ecosystems’ CEO.



  • Passionate and gritty; excited to tackle challenging goals.
  • Understands how to inspire great conversations and build relationships quickly.
  • Loves social media and knows how to connect with people through different platforms.
  • Writes in an engaging manner and possesses a professional energy on the phone.
  • Recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree.


To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@ecosystems.us.