About the Partnership

Homestretch, an award-winning nonprofit, exists to help homeless families find permanent housing and gain the skills and education they need to become self-sufficient.

The nonprofit’s life-changing work is achieving great success. However, with a recent change in government donation policies,  Homestretch has to look elsewhere for critical funding–primarily from individuals and businesses. To do so, Homestretch wants to clearly convey the value it creates for homeless families and the community.

To make its value clear to potential donors, Homestretch turned to Ecosystems.

Results of the Value Study

The Value Study was released at the annual Homestretch Benefit Breakfast in May 2015. Watch the video to find out how Homestretch won the support of a new donor with the help of the Value Study.

As a result of the event, Homestretch raised twice the amount of funding compared to previous events.

Unveiling the Value Study

Developing the Value Study required research, innovation from our value engineers, discussions with Homestretch executives, and meetings with graduates of Homestretch.

In May 2015, Ecosystems and Homestretch revealed the Value Study. The initial launch took place at Homestretch’s largest annual event, where each of the several hundred executives in attendance received a personal copy of the Value Study.