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Field marketing identifies a campaign, defines objectives, and submits pipeline to the Value Management Office (VMO). The VMO collects the objectives and pipeline to create a value approach.


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2015 Detroit CIO Executive Leadership Summit

The following video includes clips from an executive presentation given by Chad Quinn, President and CEO of Ecosystems, at the 2015 annual CIO Summit in Detroit. Over 100 CIOs and IT executive leaders were in attendance.

CIO and CFO Executive Roundtable Events

What our customers say

Kelly Sutter

HP Field Marketing Manager

“I first engaged Chad in a series of CIO CFO Roundtables where he facilitated no-slide, authentic discussions. He not only takes the time to shape a well thought out discussion with our speakers, he stimulates a more engaged discussion through his personalized approach of contacting executive clients in advance to wrap around their key interests during live discussion. It’s what gets comments from customers like this…“You did a masterful job at facilitating the round table. I very much enjoyed the conversations and learned a few things along the way.” . . . Customers and our HP team continually express the value that Chad brings when sharing the VMO approach and his masterful way of leading discussions.”