Location: McLean, VA
Type: Full Time
Experience: 1-3 years of experience

As a Marketing Analyst, you will research executives and world-class companies to understand how Ecosystems’ services can support them. You will work closely with the President and Founder, Value Consultants, and Marketing Coordinator to conduct research and create value models in Ecosystems’ software, based on data you find during research.

Role Description: Marketing Analyst

As a Marketing Analyst, you will:

  • Investigate how we can help others. You will research the latest challenges that companies face and determine how we can help solve those problems.
  • Monitor the market across various industries. You will examine industry trends and search for the latest research, in order to identify world-class and emerging companies that would be interested in a partnership with Ecosystems.
  • Work daily in LinkedIn, Seeking Alpha, Hoovers, Yahoo Finance, Twitter, Google docs, and other platforms to conduct research.
  • Develop strategic communication plans. You will develop an organized and creative strategy for communicating with diverse audiences.
  • Build value models using Ecosystems’ software. Based on your industry analysis and research, you will use our software platform to create value models for potential clients.
  • Respond to inbound requests from prospects and clients.



  • Analytical mindset — has the ability to conduct research and assess data to extract insight.
  • Passionate and gritty; excited to tackle challenging goals.
  • Understands how to visually display information clearly to others.
  • Savvy with the internet — loves to search for and find information.
  • Organizational skills and critical thinking.
  • Recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree.


To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to careers@ecosystems.us.