1. Prepare customized presentations, quickly—with content all in one place.

With the Dynamic Content Repository, you empower the sales force to access the most up-to-date, relevant content from marketing. With a few quick selections customized to the opportunity, the rep has a fast and compelling presentation to take to the customer.

2. Industry knowledge and best practices directly in Salesforce.com.

With access to a library of value selling deliverables, sales reps can develop winning conversations that are repeatable and easy to share with peers. Best practices and industry benchmarks are all directly integrated in Salesforce.com.

3. Value selling in every customer conversation. 

Incorporate value selling in all stages of customer conversations. Each type of customer conversation aligns to one of the four winning value selling plays, so sales reps are consistently empowered to focus on value—in any conversation, at any time, in any place.


Success Story

Watch the video to hear how sales reps can be powerfully enabled to sell value—anytime, anywhere.


Value management has the power to transform sales enablement with its design to improve sales performance.

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What is the one piece of advice that Jonathan Farrington finds himself telling business executives over and over? Stop being commercially promiscuous. Farrington, a sales strategist and consultant who has worked with more than 100,000 salespeople and sales leaders, uses…

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Find out how Ecosystems’ value management increased this organization’s renewal rates, renewal margins, and win rates for upsell opportunities.

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It’s critical to differentiate from the competition early and often. But how should sales and marketing differentiate what they have to offer? What are the catalysts that compel a buyer to move from one stage to the next, and how can you create this value?

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You’re almost there. You won the technical sale. Now your champion is getting shut down by executives in the purchasing process. When your champion needs credible business value to win approval to spend dollars, the Value Management Office will help you!

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How do you change the daily practices of an entire organization? Cultural transformation is not an easy task–but it’s exactly what Jason Georgi, Director of the Value Management Office, and his team at Zscaler did.

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