1. Build powerful customer conversations—faster.

With the Dynamic Content Repository, the Value Management Office brings all marketing and sales collateral into one library. Sales can create templates for specific customer conversations, which automatically pull the most relevant content into the template.  Any updates to the content in the Repository will also refresh in the template.

2. Increase adoption through team collaboration.

With value selling directly in Salesforce.com, all capabilities are available to the entire team for collaboration on each opportunity. Management can also gain insight into which opportunities are (and are not) leveraging value selling. Sales can easily archive winning deals and share best practices for future opportunities.

3. Enable value selling on day one.

In a time crunch? Sales reps do not need to invest hours up front in order to use value selling deliverables. Instead, business cases based on industry benchmarks are automatically distributed to active opportunities so the field is instantly equipped to sell on value.

4. Archive value selling deliverables for sales continuity. 

By archiving all value selling deliverables by opportunity, the revolving doors of a sales organization do not need to interrupt sales progress.

5. Grow existing accounts with past value delivered studies.

With existing customers, the sales organization is equipped with specific value selling deliverables to find new areas of growth within the account, and determine the success of solutions that have been already purchased.

6. Track the impact of value selling

Assess program impact on overall sales operations within Salesforce.com. Track close rates, deal size, sales cycle duration, and discount rates.



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