Location: McLean, VA
Type: Full Time
Experience: 0-3 years of experience

In 1936, a group of people formed an eight-oar rowing crew that won Olympic gold. The team faced difficult challenges, practicing through sickness and freezing cold temperatures.

The team began the Olympic race in one of the least-favored starting lanes, lagging behind the competition. In the final moments of the race, the team pulled ahead to first place, leaving Italy and Germany trailing behind. Daniel James Brown, in his book “The Boys in the Boat,” tells the story with this comment: “Good thoughts have much to do with good rowing. It isn’t enough for the muscles of a crew to work in unison; their hearts and minds must also work as one.”

Just like that rowing crew, Ecosystems’ high-performing team works as one, with a unifying work ethic and set of values. Our Glassdoor rating of 4.7 attests to the strength of our culture. The Talent Specialist would learn the stories that have shaped us and exhibit the grit we value. The Specialist will then apply his/her understanding of our team by finding new people with unique strengths—so that together, we work as one.

Role Description

  • Finding Job Candidates
    • Implement strategies for finding people who would make great additions to Ecosystems’ team
    • Connect with college students and professionals who may be looking for jobs
    • Form relationships with professors at colleges and universities
    • Coordinate the interview process from first interaction to final interview
  • Onboarding New Hires
    • Develop the onboarding process for new hires
    • Ensure that all new hires are welcomed onto the team
    • Coordinate coaching materials and/or training plans
  • Developing Team Talent
    • Create strategies for professional growth, training, and development of employees
    • Structure Ecosystems’ Individual Development Plan (IDP)
    • Build an internship program that appeals to college students and aligns to Ecosystems’ goals


  • High emotional intelligence
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Results-driven mindset
  • Bachelor’s degree

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to careers@ecosystems.us.