Location: McLean, VA
Type: Full Time
Experience: Recent graduate (1-3 years experience)

You are excited by technical challenges and enjoy problem solving, working with data and spreadsheets to discover insight and communicate it clearly. You have a unique combination of quantitative prowess while also preferring to work with others, thriving on collaboration to achieve goals.

Your success in math and standardized testing may have steered you toward a quantitative major, such as engineering, mathematics/statistics, finance/economics, or computer science. However, now you’re looking for a career with a business outlet; one that involves consulting and building relationships.

Role Description 

As a Technical Consultant, you will:

  • Leverage various technologies to improve the business. You will work with both established technologies (e.g. databases, scripting, computer languages) and ‘scrappy’ techniques for managing unstructured data (e.g. Excel, VBA, reporting packages).
  • Implement technical prowess and structured, clear-thinking to enhance the Ecosystems platform.
  • Analyze raw, unstructured data and turn it into insights. You will apply a good eye and judgment to visually present information, by designing a variety of reports, infographics (graphical summaries of information to communicate a point-of-view), and/or software UI.
  • Utilize consulting and communication skills with clients. You will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with both internal and external teams to quantify business value while also teaching others the best way to use various technologies.


  • Effective at visually presenting information – turning data into insights
  • Quantitative/analytical but able to communicate with people who are not
  • Adept at working with new technologies, especially those involving the management and massaging of data (databases, tables, Excel, reporting packages)
  • Desire to leverage technical strengths in a customer-facing capacity
  • Energized by a deadline-driven environment
  • Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree