What We Do

Value Lifecycle

Ecosystems provides solutions to improve the performance of sales and marketing at all stages of the customer value lifecycle:

Discover Value

We provide a consultative framework to identify relevant products or services based on the customer’s business needs.

Propose Value

We create collaborative business cases, supported by industry benchmarks, to quantify the potential impact of deploying products or services.

Track Value

We establish a shared environment for account teams and customers to define partnership goals and track their attainment.

How We Do It

To support all stages of the customer value lifecycle, Ecosystems helps organizations establish a Value Management Office™, comprised of:


Value consultants provide an insightful evaluation of our client’s products and services to identify the aspects that will be most valuable and of greatest benefit to the customer.


The value quantification process involves revealing the benefits of the client’s products and services with our library of over 2,000 templates to quantify value, immediately available to the customer.


The platform is a collaborative and interactive software as a service (SaaS) environment that can be adapted in real-time with our client’s customer, to show the value of the solution that is relevant to the customer.

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Outcomes as a Service

We don’t just give our customers the foundation for a Value Management Office and then walk away. We work closely with each one of our customers to determine which business outcomes they would like to achieve, and together we set out to provide those outcomes. We call this unique way of operating “Outcomes as a Service.” Below are a few of the outcomes we work toward:

Retain & Grow Customer Accounts

Show compelling value throughout all stages of the value lifecycle. Establish regular meetings with customers and involve multiple stakeholders in the conversation. Work with experienced value consultants to gain agreement on the value that’s been delivered in the past. Improve credibility with customers and identify qualified opportunities as a result of regular value reviews.

“The picture of our value was a little murky. As Ecosystems and the Value Management Office conversations took place, we actually found we were layering on additional value which was becoming richer, deeper, and more meaningful.”

-Seller, Fortune 500 company

Increase Win Rates for Upsell Opportunities

Increase Close Rates

Focus on value, not costs, in conversations with prospects. Gain more information from the prospect about their organizational challenges. Experience the agility and fast turnaround of a dedicated team of value consultants for deal support, business case iterations, and customized value benefits. Incorporate feedback and priorities from the customer and gain the customer’s endorsement through a quick and responsive process. Create a compelling value story through collaboration with the customer, value consultants, and account team.

“The CFO said himself that this was the first time anybody’s been able to justify the need to purchase a solution.”
-Seller, Fortune 500 company

Increase close rates

Increase Average Deal Size

Increase the likelihood of a customer choosing to move from a product to an enterprise-level agreement, or from products to managed services, with compelling conversations about value throughout the value lifecycle.

“The VMO, more than anything, helps the salesperson really understand and question the customer differently. Once we were in the account, we found out there were other issues within the organization…we reconfigured the proposal and went from $200,000 to over $600,000.”
-Seller, Fortune 500 company

Increase average deal size

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Get all decision makers to agree to the value of a product or service. Develop customized business cases quickly with the agility of Ecosystems’ value consultants, who are committed to fast response times and delivering raving fan service. Access value management services directly in Salesforce.com. Show customers that by delaying the purchase decision, they also delay receiving the value that accrues over time. Include value drivers that address the personal priorities of each decision maker. Gain consensus among decision makers more quickly with a clearly defined value story.

“We were giving them our best and final pricing, and it wasn’t good enough…so we reached out to the VMO. It won approval easily. When the customer saw it, they were blown away.”
-Seller, Fortune 500 company

Shorten the sales cycle

Reduce Price Discounting

Involve customers in iterations of the business case so that they own the deliverable and agree on the value that the service will provide. Ensure that value is the primary focus, not cost, by holding multiple conversations about value before accepting a price.

“The VMO changed the conversation from widgets and features to the value that we are driving. The VMO gives me the power to help my customers make the choice that’s best for them.”
-Seller, Fortune 500 company

Reduce price discounting

Increase Qualified Opportunities

Get the right people in the room to talk about the opportunity and validate it by focusing on objectives that appeal to each stakeholder. Spend more time in business reviews looking forward at future value and areas of growth, rather than backward-looking exploration. Align the account team and customer decision makers on sales objectives, and clearly show customers the value they are achieving based on their current usage of the product or service. Integrate full value lifecycle capabilities with Salesforce.com.

“Our credibility was definitely raised by using the VMO . . . Since this deal, we’ve brought the VMO into pretty much every transaction and I would highly recommend engaging the team.”
-Seller, Fortune 500 company

Increase qualified opportunities

Increase Sales Productivity

Enable sellers to quickly access best-practice value templates with a library of benefits customized to each solution. Easily receive training from the Value Management Office and easily access value consultants with a phone call. Salesforce.com integration allows the account team to collaborate on business cases and gives management the ability to track the progression of each value-based conversation.

“The VMO allows me to turn around and respond to a customer faster, which is critical. It took the time out of the equation that the customer could get competitive bids from other carriers. By using the VMO you can justify how a certain solution will fit into the budget.”

Increase sales productivity